» It’s been a long time coming..

Posted Dec 23, 2018
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Okay so I’m back! and better than ever.. I know that the slight hiatus I took was a bit extended.. But I promise you all that it was not intended! I just know that in the coming weeks I want to expand Love Dust! So stick around if you will, oh well to those who won’t. Thank you again to the supporters, and those who still kept in touch with me! ♥

» Halloween is approaching!

Posted Sep 23, 2017
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For anyone that knows me, knows that I love two holidays every year; Christmas and Halloween! I am a huge kid for horror movies, even though I am frightened of them and the various killers they portray. My favorite however, is Michael Myers. I’ve binged watched every movie, and every remake. It’s that time of the year, costumes, candy corn, and pumpin carving! I think this year I’ll do just those with my little ones, since they are of age to be able to participate. Even though they will have their own field trips to pumpkin patches and such at school, I want to make sure that they still have activities to do at home. By then I hope to be working, and keeping them busy for the remainder of the year is what I plan to do. yay!

I am also in the process of working on a Halloween layout also. I suppose I could choose from a few of those various artist that I haven’t used before, or do a still abstract Halloween themed layout.. So let’s vote!

» I have ARISEN!!!

Posted Sep 15, 2017
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so i know what you all are thinking.. monay, where in the hell have you been?! well here’s the answer; without a laptop.. and in school.. and looking for work. well two out of three have been solved! i finsihed school on september 3rd, and just got my laptop back today! so guess who’s back in business?! i am! now the other part is finding work, i recognize that the holidays are quickly approaching, and therefore want to have a job before halloween… hopefully!

i’m still trying to work my way around the new laptop, but a new layout and updates are on the way!!!

» Hey!!!!

Posted Apr 20, 2017
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I’m sure you all have been waiting for updates since—forever! and I am still working on them.. I fell off for a bit, but I’m still here! Layout change is also on the way..

  • Monay.

» yay or nay..

Posted Jun 28, 2016
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the layout is about 80% complete, within a few marginals. i actually designed 3 layouts, and am now in the process of elimination. whichever layouts i choose not to use/keep, i will give away to those who want. i’m just sending out this quick message to those who may be wondering if i’m still in fact alive. also, pricing services coming soon!