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Posted Jan 25, 2016
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hey everyone, i’m back! i know that i told you guys that i had been working on a big update, and well- here it is! i’ve moved to a new host, and now have more room to design and promote what i want without limitations (all the while still following the rules) so i’ll keep this short and sweet. there’s so much to be done, and plenty of changes to be made!


Lisa’s gravatar

Lisa said:

Beyonce, queeeeeen. I adore the layout.

wowbeat (nine)’s gravatar

wowbeat (nine) said:

i really like your layout ^^

Alaina’s gravatar

Alaina said:

I love this layout! It’s royal ^~^

I hope that you got my message about me leaving.. I think I commented on your last blog before the switch. I had to switch hosts too u_u I’m thinking I’ll have to take my listing site down and just use my old webs account for now. I want to buy a domain soon but I’m waiting for the right moment :p

I hope school and life is going well for you

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