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Posted Jun 28, 2016
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the layout is about 80% complete, within a few marginals. i actually designed 3 layouts, and am now in the process of elimination. whichever layouts i choose not to use/keep, i will give away to those who want. i’m just sending out this quick message to those who may be wondering if i’m still in fact alive. also, pricing services coming soon!


Chazz’s gravatar

Chazz said:

hi how are you doing? still working on your layout? haha it’s almost august but I haven’t finished our new layout X_X what’s wrong with the spammer on your cbox, ugh~ anyway, have a great weekend!

On Jul 30, 2016

Cristina Cocioaba’s gravatar

Cristina Cocioaba said:

Good luck working on your layout. I hope you’ll be content with one of them. It’s a nice things to offer them to people. How have you been? I was just passing by to say hello.

On Aug 30, 2016

Cristina Cocioaba’s gravatar

Cristina Cocioaba said:

I am glad that you find time to spend with your loved ones.
Good luck with coding the website’s section for visitors. I can’t wait to see it. Kisses and take care

On Sep 4, 2016

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